Bowtie may look like an ordinary Daily Driven minirammed vette,
but bowtie,
Runs 11's ! ! ! ! ! !


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Bowtie8, The Swap




I bought my 1991 Vette in November of 1997. I always had plans on building up a nice solid street car. But it wasn't easy. It took lots of mistakes and also a lot of patients.

My first upgrades to Bowtie8 where bolt ons to the stock engine, I ran 14.40's and with a K&N, Adjustable Regulator, Breathless pully, I managed a 14.0@99mph. This was on my 315's Dunlops.

Well soon after, I was ready to make the swap. The details of the internals of my new engine are listed in the engine section of my Sight. As far as the swap, it wasn't as easy as a 69 camaro, but I turned the key on the new motor on my 4th day of work.


I started by removing the ZF 6speed. I dropped the exhaust, torque arm, and removed the trans from the bell housing. After the trans was out, I then removed the factory bellhousing from the block and the complete clutch assy. This was about 4hrs of work and my Bro-In-Law was a big help aka (Bowtye8).

Then I started removing the serpentine pullys, accessaries, motormounts and finally hooked on the chain lift. The chain lift slid in on the drivers side of car with no-problem and the hood stayed on the car (whoowee). The stock engine was out after another 4hrs. Day 1 is shot


This is where I swapped all the engine parts from the stock engine to the new engine, ie, temp sensors, knock sensor motor mounts etc. 2 hrs

Then I lifted the new engine into the vette, this is after cleaning up the engine compartment and detailing where needed. After setting the new engine into the vette, I started assembling the new Centerforce flywheel and clutch assy onto the back of the new engine. Then bolted on the bellhouseing and installed the ZF 6speed. Mind you I put the ZF back into the car by-my-self. Very awkward, and had to bench press it into the bellhousing. 8hrs


I installed the LPE Base intake with my stock L98 runners and plenum, all accessories, Distributer, Headers, Fluiddampner, adusted valves again.(cold)


After retrofitting my stock exhaust to the headers I turned the key at 2pm and it fired right up! Set the timing at 6 degrees and watched the gauges for about 15 minutes. The new settup idled perfectly at 800 and I couldn't believe it. But I still had the stock computer program, stock intake. And was running the LPE 219/219-525/525 hydraulic roller.


The motor is now running and I have about 30 miles on it and Bowtye8 (Bro-In-Law) says, "Drive it out to Chicago for the Route 66 Corvette show and racing!" --So Off I go...........

(September 1999) Route 66 speedway is a beautiful track! Bowtie8 however didn't run as well as I hoped. My best ET this day was a 13.90@100mph

Well a new intake and programming sure was in order for Bowtie8. TPIS Miniram was installed and with a Breathless Performance custom EPROM yielded a 12.68@117mph

Winter 1999 - Installed some new parts: Hooker 2151 headers, MSD, Coil, 4.09's in the Dana Rear and 36lb Bosch Injectors. And I also made the investment into custom programming myself, which has been the most rewarding for Bowtie8. These results yielded a best of 12.17@117mph.

March 2001 - Installed a Comp Cams Solid Roller Custom grind which I had been working on the specs most of the winter.

Summer 2001 - Finally in the 11's, 11.95@118mph is documented, and consistant. Now a whole another animal has surfaced. I now am in the process of equipping Bowtie8 with a 6 point roll bar, scatter shield (blanket for the vettes), 4 point belts, and even an approved helmet. ( And I keep saying going faster is a drug, but "It's not the Money, It's the amount").

Spring 2002 - Hit the Dyno for the first time. Made 451HP and 450 Ft/lbs at the Wheels. Major Valve float at 6200, the HP dropped drastically. I Since have installed new Pacalay Springs made by Comp Cams, but do not have any new #'s to back them up.

Spring 2002 - Best ET first time out in Spring 2002 was a 11.13@128mph with a 1.52 60ft. I hope to see 10's before the end of July. Bowtie8 went 11.13, 11.15, 11.18 On my first 3 passes, so it is quite consistent just driver error.

Stay Tuned..............



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