Bowtye's Racin history

Latest racing update 1-11-2002 ->


    Sorry its been a while for a update.  After having the rear diff rebuilt I had some dist. gear wearing issues. I chewed up a few dist gears so I pulled my cam. I could have probrably let it go but I opted for a new one.  Hmmm... I wish I would have went bigger from the start so nows my chance.  I decided on  the same stlye grind (comp extreme roller series) I went for a 242-248@.050 grind but then had comp copy my exhaust lobe to the intake and ended up with a 248/248 style grind. OK...OK.....On with track times!!!!  First time out with this cam was at the RT66 vette show in Joliet on Oct 6,2001 First runs out I was getting low 11.5's@ 122mph w/ low 1.6 60's  . After a few minor tweaks in fuelmaps. I was getting mid 11.4's with a best of 11.32@123.2mph w/1.58 60ft :)  I was very please with the new cam.  No problem rev right to 7000rpm :) Then out came the nitrous. Well seems I have to tweak my timing and fuel maps better for this application.   Car picked up but traction was horrible.  Best on the bottle was 11.05@130mph w/1.77 60ft.  I was hoping for any kind of 10.XX slip but not this time out :(

    Now for the final racing of 2001.  This was at Bryon race track. I attended the Vette vs. Camaro racing event. I was in the 11.99 of faster class . So not so good for those 9-10 sec vette/camaro's out there.... But it was for fun.  I did have some issues. My knock sensor was giving me a code. So with that code came a reduced timing map.  Kinda a safety feature in the ECM.  I had 4 degrees of timing retard through out my timing with this code.  I still ran the car.  Times were still mid 11.5's @121 .  The racing was heads up. Instant green.  No yellows at all.  Just a instant green when the track official felt we were staged.  I won the first round my 11.66 to opponets 11.97.  From there it got ugly fast.  This left the 9-10 cars lefts.  My next line up was against a vette.  I  lost with a 11.41 to his 9.8. O ver all a fun day. So thats my 2001 racing recap.  2002 does bring a few mods .  Heads are being worked some. Will post some flows numbers when they come back.  Also maybe by fall 2002 I may swap in a 700r4. Stay tuned for the next update :)


5-25-01 Well finally some racing results :)  The solid roller is in and running. Had a few issues to resolve

. The dist gear wore out really fast. The cam is a off stemper core so it be no problem.  Since the AFR were milled 

significantly. This may have lowered the intake too much which put more pressure on the oil pump and may have cause this 

premature wear.  I installed a new gear and shimmed up the dist with a .030 shim.  I post back how its holding up.

Ok on with the 2001 sping results.  Weather conditions were not all perfect. head wind of 40+ mph .Temp was good though

65 degrees.

OK first pass was a 11.71@116.6 with a 1.61 60ft.  ,second pass -11.69@116.8 with a 1.62 60ft.  Then came some tweaking. 

adjusted timing to 8 degrees and raised FP to 48lb.  This results in a new BEST ET 11.56@118.5 with a 1.59 60 ft.

I then tried more fuel press 58lb and ET went back to 11.75.  On the final pass I lost another set of spider gears. :(

So its looking good for the solid roller setup.  Car idles great, excellent street manners and running great at  the track.

Rear center section is sent off to VETTEPARTS in florida for upgaded posi and harden spiders.

Still have more tuning to work on and want to get some dyno time in.  stay tuned.............

9-30-00.. Well its been a few months since a update . I have made it to the track quite a few times since last post. I will combine them all in one. Actually I made made it to three differnt tracks in the last few months so I must say my car is consistent. First off, The bowtie brothers lined up once again.  its been about three years since the last heads up race.  Well the 85 still held up.  The 383 just seems to make a tad more power over the 91 368.I ran a 11.9 to John's(bowtie8) 12.2. its was all in good fun.   I did run my best nitrous pass there as well  11.02@127 mph. The porblem I am having is too much gear for nitrous.  I am bumping my 6600 rev limiter on the spray.

10-14-00...Next time out was bryon race track near rockford IL.  waether was low 70's   I cut mid 1.6's 60's .My first pass was a 11.75 @  118 mph then backed it up with another new best of 11.66@118.. this was with a 1.62 60'.  Not bad for a ZF6 car:)

11-04-00.. Here 's my final racin for the year. I attend US41 MFBA camaro club event.  They invited guest so I went with a camaro club member.  Weather was mid 60's Well my first NA pass was a 11.66@119.4 w/1.65 60'   Wow still running 11.6's Well out came a full bottle of nitrous.  First pass on the bottle(100HP) 11.16@122 I hit my rev limiter big time and had to let off. I then pull my rev pill for my next pass.  Still a 11.15@122 The car just would not pull pass 6600 and it seemed the nitrous lost some pressure by forth gear in the colder weather.  I am not running a bottle heater or jacket . So for the last pass I went back to NA.. With the fuel pressure  still turned up 3 lbs from the nitrous runs I click off another 11.66 @121.6.  I netted my best MPH over 120 NA. 
So for this year it ended great. I went from running 12.0 to consistent 11.6's.  Tuning and weather did play a big role.  my spring summer runs were 90 degree days fall run were mid 60's to low 70's.   Car has been very reliable as well.  I did chip a couple spider gears though. These were due to doing one wheel burnouts in the stageing lanes. I want to install a roll control(line loc) this winter.
My other winter mods are AFR210 heads and solid roller cam  .This should help my 6600 rev ceiling :)

Stay tuned..........
Here is the laster racing update.  Weather was even better .Mid 70's by dusk.. The track was prepped and had full  hook with the ET streets.  1 st pass of the day was great.  1.72 60' with slip of 11.98@118.26.  For the 2nd pass I installed  the skinnines up front.  with this I hit a 1.65 60' best ever and ran a 11.81 @ 116.9.  Last pass was fair as well. with a 11.86@117. So a great night!!. Chip tuning is coming along great.  For now just driving the car and having fun.  debating on a solid roller cam upgrade for winter :)   Stay tuned..........
see the 11.81 slip
Well made it back to the track with a tad better weather concitions, by the end of the day it was upper 70's.  I did a best of 11.92@118mph with a 1.68 60ft.  my other passes were 12.0'x @117.  I did some final tuning and my setup seems to love the timing about 39 tp 40 degrees with o2 mv reading in the mid to upper 800's .  I still think I can hit a better 60' and a top MPH of 120.  I did these with my sotck front wheels on . next time out will be with the skinnies on front. .  Stay tuned...........
Well finally made it to the track with the  4.10's  My best ET was a 12.01 @115.5  A little off from last yeat.  MY all new best 60foot was a 1.66.   I also just finshed installing the B&B triflow exhust for a LT! and 1 3/4 hooker full length headers.  This shoud help the top end  some..   I am still fine tuning the 90 ECM conversion  but its close.  Seems I have to upgrade to 30lb injectors due to I am going static at 6000 RPM with the 24lb.  .I will be attending the RT 66 event june 10. So hopefully with the ECM and exhaustup upgrade I will see a better ET.  Stay tuned...........
FINALLY MADE IT  11'S!!!!!!!! 9-15-99

well I finally did it ,11's.  The miniram is perfroming great with my current setup. To recap. I converted from the Superram to the miniram. I kept all existing mods the same. After the swap I headed for the track. Results were so so. I  ran exactly the same as the SR.  I also had a plug fouling problem on the pass. side.  After days of frustration and with the help of corvette forum members(LT401,Ralph,Todd) I swapped in some new intake gaskets.  I tried to use the old ones from the SR. A big NO NO!!!.  The intake was sucking oil from the intake vally. After the new intake gaskets swap. I headed back for the track for better results. And shure enough the miniram performed excellent. I hit a new best of 11.98@117. I had 4 run at 118+ as well.  Due to traction problems all night . I could only get a best of 1.83 60 ft.  I have hit 1.77 60 foots with a prepped track. The ET streets love VHT.   Look up in the download section for a  look at the slip.

On another note. The miniram,219 setup passed emissions with flying colors.  I did have to install a cat convertor for this.  But for any passable emissions a convertor is necessary.
OLD  MODS COMPLETED and Updates 6-3-99
Well Summer is here, I  Finally got the 383 shortblock back  from the builder and in the car.It  is running and idling at 850 -900.  I have some break in miles to complete and hope to be ready for the RT 66 corvette show in Joliet on June 12. 
I should get a exact change  in ET's to what the bigger stroke gives me. The only addded difference is some port and polishing to the supperram.
Stop back for more updates and results!!

Well I made it to the 66 event. Results are so so . I did improve my 60 foots to a best of 1.82 from a 1.90 with my 350.  Best run of the day was a 12.44 @ 113.9.  My best with the 350 was a 12.54 @ 112. These were on ET streets.  I am still running my 350 chip in the 85 ecm.  I will be having Breathless Performance reprogram my timing and fuel curves for the new motor. Even with this I think the best will be 12.2-12.3 @ 115.  To see the 11's I think 3.90 gears for the ZF will be needed along with fine tuning and perfect weather.
                                                       NEW RESULTS!!!!!
Ok I made back to the track with better weather conditions. Track conditions were minimal though.  I only hooked twice with the ET streets.   With 2 degrees of retarded timing. The motor came to life.  I was consistient with 115.5 mph and even a couple 116.5 mph. 
With this better power I ran a new BEST ET of 12..06 @ 115.2.!!  So close to the 11's.  I got a 1.79 60 foot.  Full hook with the ET streets.

New plan of attack. I am going to swap out the SR for the miniram. This will be a good comparision of the two.  The one nessesity needed for the minram is gears.

I also made it to the dyno.  Look up by the links to see the printout! I am happy with these results.  This run was done with my 350 chip. After the miniram is installed I will probrably switch back over to the DFI