350 4 bolt .030 block with scat 3.75 series crank to give a total of 383 cu

AFR210 heads milled to give comp ratio of 11:1

TPIS miniram

Comp cams solid roller 248-248 630-630 lift w/1.65RR+comp cams stud girdle

Hooker 2151 1 3/4 full length headers

B&B tri flow LT1 adapted exhaust

Converted 4+3 to smooth ZF6

Centerforce dual friction clutch and SFI billet flywheel.

Dana 44/4.10's


Converted 85(870) ecm to 90 F-body(7730) with own programming

Breathless performance Air pump eliminator pully

Accel 58mm throttle body

Bosch 36lb injectors